Stress Games as a Stress Reducer

Computer Stress Games

Stress Games Computer

Stress games can change your computer from a source of stress to a stress reducer. Modern technologies have made this possible with a biofeedback transducer that connects to your computer and is integrated with several guided meditation sessions. A virtual reality game that will teach you how to identify, stop and reduce stress levels. You will have many meditation Masters, each teaching you different aspects of your body, mind, emotions and how to control them.

This “inner active” journey will have you discovering many things about yourself in these stress relief games. Knowledge of self is the ultimate destination in our quest for knowledge. Once you have mastered yourself, everthing else in the universe is revealed. This could be one of the best stress management tools available. Why not utilize the power of your computer and better your health and outlook on life.

The majority of non-accident, doctor and hospital visits are due to stress or nutritional deficiencies (both of which are preventable). Stress can manifest itself in many forms: ulcers, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, cancer, weakened immune system, faster aging, mental health issues of anxiety, depression and the list goes on and on. The effect of stress is literally costing us billions of dollars in healthcare. How much do you think you could save on your families healthcare not to mention avoiding not being healthy by reducing stress levels?

Take a positive step towards improving your families physical and mental health with stress relief. It is well documented as to the effects of stress on the body and mind. Google “stress management” and you will be floored at the number of results (over 9,200,000 results) – must be significant you think? Many of these results are from universities, hospitals and mental health institutions and other medical reference websites.

The Stress Games provided by The Wild Divine are:

  • Healing Rhythms – 15 Step Guided Meditation
  • The Passage – Virtual Reality Adventure – Best of the Year Gaming Award
  • Wisdom Quest – The Second Virtual Reality Adventure

Click on the Stress Games link above and go to the “Product Info” tab and select “The Passage” and “Wisdom Quest” for demos of the programs. Talk about being absorbed by a game, this will be the gaming experience you never thought of – not to mention, what could be THE COOLEST GIFT EVER!.

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